On his first day of school, Aritz is violently humiliated by another student who is stronger than he is… when another boy gets in the way of getting him out of trouble; Esteban.

Esteban and Aritz quickly become friends due to a common denominator; both are asocial: they hate the group, which gives them rejection, humiliation and marginalization. Soon after, they are joined by Sarita, a “strange” girl; not very feminine and withdrawn, who offers them a way to get drunk without money… The three teenagers start stealing alcohol in supermarkets, continuing to steal everything that the consumer society announces to them and they are not able to buy. But in one of these robberies they find themselves cornered before a security guard, who ends up getting beaten up. Once they have taken that step, they realize what they are capable of… they can use violence to take revenge on all those who have humiliated them: students, teachers, and other undesirables.

After a beating and some violent altercations, Esteban and Sarita start to rethink their behavior, it is better to calm down. But Aritz doesn’t agree with them; the violence made them stop being a bunch of whippersnappers. The friends distance themselves.

Shortly after, Aritz appears with a crude news: He claims to have killed someone who had “humiliated” him: a prostitute. Aritz would not only “do it again”, but he would do it again, with another “guilty”. Esteban and Sarita rethink the situation… Aritz is a minor; if he is denounced, he would not spend more than two years in a special reformatory, and would return for revenge. Besides, they don’t have any evidence, they can’t even assure that the crime really happened. All they know is that Aritz is increasingly unbalanced and is beginning to make attempts on his own life.

Should they use violence again, this time against one of them?



Zoe Berriatúa


Nadie es Perfecto P.C.


Pokeepsie Films, La Bestia produce


Emilio Palacios, Jorge Clemente, Beatriz Medina, Macarena Gómez


23 August, 2018