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Nadie Es Perfecto is an independent film production company founded in 2000 by Kiko Martínez. Since 2000 we have completed more than 25 productions, including films, documentaries, and TV series.

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Our history

Nadie Es Perfecto

stems from Kiko Martínez´s fascination for the way stories are told from film directors, like Wilder, Lubitsch, Berlanga, and Welles. He admired all of them for the way they narrated moving stories with irony and an intelligent point of view.

Our name pays tribute to the famous final scene in “Con Faldas y a lo Loco”, from the master Billy Wilder. Our production company, like the characters in the film aren’t perfect, but even so, we tell the greatest stories.

Our first success was the TV series “Tarancón”, with over 3 million viewers on TVE and an average audience market share of 18.6%. In addition to RTVE, we work with national platforms, such as MovistarMediaset, and Atresmedia, as well as international platforms, like NetflixAmazon Prime VideoWarner BroseOneUniversalSony, and Paramount.

Through the years we have collaborated with directors, like David Marqués, Kepa Sojo, Denis Rovira, Zoe Berriatúa, Eduardo Casanova, and David Galán Galindo, in most cases producing their debut feature. Our films have been recognised by the Academy with 7 nominations at the Goya Awards and they have a continued presence in the official selection at international festivals, like the BerlinaleSan SebastiánToronto, and Sitges.

In 2010 we joined Álex de la Iglesia to produce 7 successful feature films, among them, were “El Bar”, “Perfectos Desconocidos”, “Musarañas”, “Pieles”, and “En las Estrellas”. At the time “Perfectos Desconocidos” success took off, with more than 3 million viewers and grossing more than 20 million euros at the box office.

Besides fictional films and TV series, we have also produced documentaries, like “Sara Baras. Todas las voces” and “Y en Cada Lenteja un Dios”.

In 2019 we began a new phase with the release of “La Influencia” and “La Pequeña Suiza” and in 2020 we released our first Netflix Original, “Orígenes Secretos”. In 2020 we also shot our first musical, “El Cover”, a debut feature by Secun de la Rosa, and we began producing “Malinche”, a documentary by Nacho Cano.

In 2021 we strengthened our relationship with Netflix with the premiere of the feature film “A Thousand Kilometers from Christmas” by Álvaro Fernández Armero. We also filmed “Women without censorship”, a documentary about the actresses who starred in the so-called “uncovered cinema” of Spain in the 70s, and “The game of keys”, a feature film directed by Vicente Villanueva based on the successful Mexican series of same name, which we will release in April 2022.

In 2022 we will shoot “Fenómenas” by Carlos Therón and we are preparing two more feature films. “Christmas in your hands” directed by Joaquín Mazón and “Locomía” by Kike Maillo.


On the Big Screen

Kiko Martínez

Kiko Martínez studied Economics in Valencia, although he always knew he wanted to work in the film industry. In 2000 he funded Nadie es Perfecto with the goal of producing films that were innovative in terms of genre, that had the ability to reach the general public and bet on all the new talent the cinematic industry had to offer.

Horror films, like “La Influencia”; pure comedies, like “La Pequeña Suiza” or even thrillers, like “Orígenes Secretos”, reflect the principle of producing films about genres that do not renounce their true nature.

As a proud independent director, his vision of the profession as a creator and not just as the executor makes Nadie es Perfecto 100% involved in each new project, working with the directors throughout the entire film production process.

In the last 20 years as a professional he has gained recognition from his peers in the industry and Nadie es Perfecto currently works with major streaming platforms.


Nadie es perfecto & Cía

Kiko Martínez

Director General / Productor

Emma Martínez

Contabilidad y auditoria interna

José Luis Jiménez

Director de producción

María José Martínez

Director Comunicación y Estrategia

Ignacio Santamaría Gómez

CFO, Director Financiero

Aarón Delgado


Marta Carrillo

Post Producción

Juan Carlos López

Responsable Social Media

Teresa Pan

Desarrollo / Producción

Elena Calvo De Mora

Desarrollo / Producción

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